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Soul to surface®  Group Expereience

What is HypnoBreathwork ?

HypnoBreathwork® is an experiential therapy combining Breathwork + Hypnosis + Visioning.

HypnoBreathwork® is a transformative and efficient experiental therapy that incorpates breathwork to clear energetic patterns, hypnosis to reprogram subconscious beliefs, and visioning to fire new neural pathways for sustainable behavior change. This modality guides individuals to heal unprocessed emotions, visulize what is possible and take inuitive action to make those desires reality. Each session consists of 20-22 minutes of active breathwork followed by 8-10 minutes of meditation.


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Speak your truth

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Francesca Sipma

“Nas is an exceptional coach. She’s intuitive, attentive, has a warm energy and can take you on a spectrum of journeys. She’s helped me clear dozens of blocks and behaviors in emotional eating, but can also bring cycle instructor vibes that will get you in invigorating flow states. Could not recommend her more. ”

“Thank you so much for spending time with me these past couple of weeks. You have a very calming persona and our breathing sessions and visualizations really helped me put things into perspective. I feel focused, confident, and am eager to have a great presentation in front of my peers. I realize now this this is nothing more than a great opportunity for me. One that I deserve.”

CJ Hamidi

Nas, just WOW!!! Thank you thank you for taking the time to understand what I needed. Thank you for recommending flow state breathwork.... it was EXACTLY what I needed. Things became clear and made sense and I even saw the “why” of it all. I had so much peace afterward... and clarity around the action steps. So much goodness in that session- ways to bring dreams to reality with my kids as an integral part of the creative process. I will sit under the tree and be “her”. So much love . You have a gift! Thank you!

Laura Wilson

Coaching Call

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(Breathwork not included)

During this call we will dive right in. We will be using mindset, question based, intuitive coaching to help you move through what your current intention is. You will leave feeling more clarity, release in stress and anxiety, and will next steps to be taken.

Breathwork sessionS

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Ready to book your 1:1 Sessions? Schedule a custom Soul To Surface™ Coaching session. We'll spend up to 60 mins together getting really clear on our intention, work through whatever you're needing support on in your life. Combining question based coaching, breathwork, visioning and meditation

Starting at a Minimum of 5 sessions.

Soul to surface® Community Virtual Experience

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Soul To Surface® Is hosting A Community Experience the last Monday night of each month at 7p ET. Donation Based.